Demonstration held in Skardu to condemn government failure against terrorism

A demonstration was held in Skardu where protesters condemned failure of the PTI government in crushing terrorist network in Quetta where innocent Shia Hazara community is being targeted.
The protest demo was held under the aegis of Baltistan Youth Alliance where MWM leader Allama Agha Syed Ali Rizvi, BYA leader Shaikh Hassan Johari, Anjuman Tajiran president Ghulam Hussain Athar and other notables spoke.
They condemned suicide bombing in Hazarganji fruit market in Quetta and expressed solidarity and sympathy with the families of the martyrs of the bombing that targeted Hazara Shia Muslims.
They said that humanity feels ashamed over unabated targeted terror attacks on Shia Hazara community but it is tragic that the shameless incumbent government failed to shoulder its responsibility.
The speakers said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should have visited Quetta to meet heirs of the martyrs but he demonstrated callousness. They said it seems the PTI government itself patronizing extremists and terrorists.


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