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Pakistan-Iran parliamentary friendship group condemn US provocative anti Iran acts

Convener of Pakistan-Iran parliamentary friendship group in Senate Senator Lieutenant General (retd) Abdul Qayyum has strongly condemned the US move to end sanctions waivers for some of the largest consumers of Iranian oil.Pakistan condemns anti-Iran US violation of UN charter
“We strongly condemn such policy as according to the United Nations (UN) Charter no country in the world has a right to dictate other countries for any purpose,” he said in an interview.
The Pakistan’s said the lawmaker further said that the US provocative actions against Iran will create instability in the region. He added that it is very unfortunate that the US administration has taken such decision. He said US had granted waiver to eight countries to purchase Iranian oil but now they have announced they would end that concession just to put pressure on Iran.
The Senator said Turkey, India and China are importing large amount of oil from Iran but now the US has asked them to stop their purchase as they would going to end the concessions on Iran oil import.
“Unfortunately, we are all living in unipolar world where a powerful country is pursuing the policy of might is right. This approach is not good for international peace,” ex-military general said, citing that economic strangulation of any country is against the UN charter.
To a question, the parliamentarian said Americans are pursuing a very aggressive policy towards Iran just to please the Zionist Israeli regime.
“US wants to contain all those countries in the world who refuse to toe their line and follow independent policies and we don’t want to be part of big game played by the powerful states,” veteran legislator vowed.


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