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Over 50 Pakistani Zaireen injured in bus accident in Iraq

51 Pakistani Zaireen (pilgrims) were injured when the bus carrying them hit a security checkpost near Samarra in Iraq.
The Pakistani Mission in Baghdad told the Foreign Office in Islamabad that the wounded Zaireen had been shifted to Medical City Hospital.

47 injured Zaireen out of danger

The FO said today that passengers with minor injuries were treated and discharged. It said that 47 passengers are in good health, while three remain hospitalised due to injuries of a serious nature.
The mishap occurred on the night of April 21, the FO in Islamabad said in a statement today on Wednesday.
Pakistan’s embassy in Baghdad is arranging the safe return of pilgrims to Pakistan in coordination with Iraqi authorities. Coordination with the Iraqi health ministry and hospital administration is being made to ensure required medical treatment to the injured.
Pakistan’s Sunni Muslims’ majority revere and adore Shia Imams and visit their shrines in Iraq, Iran and Medina in Saudi Arabia. But, majority of Pakistani Zaireen who go to Samarra for pilgrimage at holy shrine of 10th Imam Ali Naqi al Hadi and 11th Imam Hassan Askari (PBUT) comprises of Shia Muslims.


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