Opposition parties dismayed by delay in release of Pakistanis from Saudi jails

Pakistani parliamentarians from the opposition parties expressed concern over delays in the release of Pakistani prisoners from Saudi jails where many Pakistanis have been languishing despite completion of their term.

Saudi fails to release Pakistanis

Former Pakistan minister and now a veteran member of the parliament (MNA) Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada said he could give examples of Pakistanis in Saudi prisons who have completed their terms but remain behind bars.

Answerless PTI government

During the National Assembly session, opposition members asked Parliamentary Secretary for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Javaria Zafar Aheer to give actual number of Pakistanis released after the Saudi crown prince MBS statement, promise and assurance to Pakistan government during his Islamabad visit.
However, Ms Aheer had no information as she said information was coming in bits and pieces, and the number of released prisoners would be known soon.  She said 3,400 Pakistanis are imprisoned in jails in Saudi Arabia.
In response to another question, told the house that her office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are working together and the release of Pakistani prisoners is underway.

Saudi monarchy lobby cheat Pakistanis

It seems Saudi monarchy was praised for doing nothing to release Pakistanis although pro-Saudi and pro-PTI government social media activists had been disseminating fake news of release of Pakistanis overstating the facts as part of media projection and promotion of Saudi monarchy that is in fact guilty of detaining Pakistanis beyond their terms.


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