Controversial minister admits Pakistan is a security state, not welfare state

Pakistan’s controversial Minister for Interior retired Brigadier Ijaz Ahmad Shah told an in-camera meeting of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior admitted that Pakistan has become a security state, instead of being transformed into a welfare state.
Former interior minister and a leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Rehman Malik presided over the meeting.
Ijaz Shah also admitted that one cannot change neighbours but gave a suspicious statement on Iran, India and Afghanistan: ““These three countries should be dealt with very seriously.”
It may be noted that that Pakistan’s all weather friend China, close allies, friends and partners since the Cold War era United States, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, all enjoy the best bilateral relations with India having huge volume of trade.
Even Pakistan’s bilateral trade with India had been around US$2 billion in last financial year and Pakistan’s ports are also open to Indian shipments. Afghanistan too has a transit trade via Pakistan’s Wagha border with India. But, unfortunately an illogical narrative has been preached off the record under which Iran is required to break-off ties with India although US has imposed sanctions on Iran and those who trade with Iran.
During last months of her life, former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto had made public the name of his would-be killers and abettors and ex-IB chief Ijaz Shah, now interior minister, was one of those accused.
Ijaz Shah is also accused of having ties to banned outfits.
Pakistan has signed Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India (TAPI) gas pipeline project together with India but the same Pakistan had refused to expand Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline up to India to make it IPI gas pipeline project.
It is also relevant to add here that United States-led coalition backed by Saudi-UAE monarchies control Afghanistan affairs directly or indirectly particularly since late 2001 after war on that country in the wake of 9/11 attacks on US soil.
So, it is strange that having no objection to US, Saudi, UAE or even Chinese ties with India and itself having much more trade with India as compared to Iran, some of Pakistani officials had been implying their disapproval of Iran India ties. It is also known fact that US has given role to India in Afghanistan.
Since US, Saudi-UAE regimes have been putting pressure on Pakistan to stay away from Iran, Pakistan government has not yet begun work to complete Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project inside Pakistan although it was to be completed by end of 2014 as per the bilateral agreement.


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