Sri Lanka will seek Pakistan help to trace Easter terrorists if needed: PM

Sri Lanka will seek help from Pakistan, if needed, to trace the culprits involved in the Easter Sunday bombings claimed by Daesh (IS) terrorist group.
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of Sri Lanka has said so in an interview.

Pakistan backed Sri Lanka war on terror

“In the past, Pakistan had fully supported Sri Lanka war on terror,” he said. Sri Lanka would eliminate them.

Muslims have fled the Negombo region on Sri Lanka’s west coast since scores of worshippers were killed in the bombing of the St. Sebastian church there on Sunday. Hundreds of Pakistani Muslims have left the port city, crammed into buses, after threats of revenge.

No evidence of foreign link so far

He said that although Sri Lanka is investigating the possibility of foreign links in the attack, there is no evidence yet to suggest that any particular country has backed those terrorists.

Sri Lanka seek Pakisan help if needed, it is what the PM said.


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