Seasoned film director Syed Noor discloses co production with Iran

Seasoned film director Syed Noor discloses co production with Iran as he said co-productions between Iran and Pakistan will open new vistas for local films internationally.
He said he had recently visited Iran to attend the Fajr International Film Festival.

There, he met Farooq Mughal, a Pakistani living in Tehran for quite a long time. In fact, the latter approached him for a co-production.

Farooq Mughal, living in Iran for more than 25 years evinced interest in making a film which could bring the two film industries closer.

Syed Noor said that it could pave the way for more co-productions in future.

Furthermore, he said that he signed a contract with Mr Mughal just a few days ago when the former visited Lahore.

Under the contract, 50 percent of the film would be produced in Iran and the remaining half in Pakistan.

Some portions of the film, which would have actors from both the countries, would also be shot in Turkey.

Also, composers from both countries would make film’s music. Most importantly, the working on the script would start soon and the film would go on sets by September 2019.

Syed Noor called it a prestigious project that would open new avenues for Pakistani films internationally.

Moreover, during his stay in Iran he watched many memorable Iranian movies. Also he had meetings with a number of production houses.


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