Iranian ambassador turns down big powers interference in the region

Iranian ambassador turns down big powers interference in the region. Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost briefed Pakistan’s senior journalists and media representatives at an interactive session at Iranian embassy in Islamabad.

He said we don’t need interference of big powers in our region because the region suffered from a lot of consequences and pain because of foreign intervention in the Middle East.

He made clear Iran does not seek conflict with the United States but will defend itself in case of any aggression.

Ambassador Mehdi Honardoost said that Iran, as always, calls for peace and stability in the region. But, at the same time it has the ability to defend itself strongly.

He said regional nations can manage their problems through cooperation and they can support peace and stability in the region. He strongly believes that regional cooperation is a key for settlement of the regional disputes.

The Iranian diplomat hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Iran an excellent visit for bilateral ties. Notably, he declared that more than an ordinary visit.

He said that in spite of mischief of other countries, ties between Iran and Pakistan are growing. Particularly, he sees the horizon of Pakistan-Iran friendship very bright.

The Iranian diplomat added that both countries need to explore their potentials in all fields.
Ambassador Honardoost added that Iran and Pakistan are two major countries of the Muslim world. For that reason, they have to play an important role for the stability of the Islamic world.

He called for strengthening cooperation among Muslim countries and regional countries. However, he noted that whenever Iran and Pakistan take any step to enhance their cooperation some incident happens.

Mehdi Honardoost said that (the enemies want to) create misunderstanding between the two brotherly countries by such acts.

He said power is not granted to Iranian but it is Iran’s ability. Today Iran is ahead of many European countries in the field of science and technology.

He noted that after several years of negotiations Iran reached a nuclear deal with P5+1. He declared that a precedent to solve all issues in the world.

The diplomat said that the US left the nuclear deal unilaterally and put an end to the hopes of the people. He said US proved that diplomatic channel cannot be successful.

He noted Iran has received nothing under this deal because of the bullying of the US. Hence, Iran turns down it because people of Iran don’t accept bullying.

The envoy said as we pass these days we face new developments in our region. And it seems like the US and its allies are beating the war drums, threatening Iran.

He said Iran never welcome any conflict. But at the same time Iran can never kneel down to any bully approach of America. So, there is no choice but to resist.

Mehdi Honardoost said any country can start the conflict. But, it cannot stop it and the US knows it very well.
He said that according to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei making and procuring of nuclear weapons is ‘Haram.’ And when he says it is forbidden, the US knows it.
He also added: Of course, there will be no war, but an encounter, an encounter of the wills, and in this regard, the will of the Iranian nation and the Islamic system will be stronger than the enemy.

Honardoost noted the warfare of the US and its regional allies has already made many disastrous wars and crisis.

“Our priority is our new generation which deserves better future,” he said.

The ambassador said the US and allies are promoting Islamophobia. He said Iran cannot close its eye to the plight of innocent Palestinians. He said Iran is the victim of terrorism and has fought effectively to root out this menace.

The envoy said there is no good or bad terrorism, it is a global problem and needs a global solution. He said Iran has never accepted any new negotiations with the US.

“The US should set aside bullying approach towards Iran,” he stressed.
He stated there is no chance of Iran-US negotiations under the current circumstances.


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