MWM leader urges Pakistan government to support Iran against Israeli bloc

MWM leader urges Pakistan government to support Iran against Israeli bloc. Syed Nasir Shirazi has said this in an interview.
Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen deputy secretary general said that Iran is neighbouring brotherly Islamic country of Pakistan.

He said neither Saudi Arabia and nor US are Pakistan’s neighbours.

Most importantly interlinked interests of Pakistan and Iran compel the two countries to go together. Peace or war in any of them will directly have impacts on the other.

Nasir Shirazi said if separatists target Pakistan, it will also directly affect Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan. And if enemies destabilize Iran, its fall out will adversely affect Pakistan.

Hence, he said, the destiny of the two countries is interlinked and they cannot ignore each other.

So, MWM leader said, Pakistan cannot remain neutral in current situation. He said Pakistan interest has it that we take side of Iran against US-led Israeli bloc.

Also, he cited the history that Pakistani nation never supported US wars in any country.

Even, Pakistanis turned down Saudi support to US wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and opposed US wars.

That, Nasir Shirazi said, a message for Pakistan government to take a wise decision instead of going against the will of people.

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