Shia Wifaqul Madaris lauds Allama Abbas Kumaili for preaching Islam

Wifaqul Madaris Shia Pakistan or Federation of Pakistan Shia Islamic seminaries has praised Allama Abbas Kumaili for his preaching.

Allama Hafiz Riaz Hussain Najafi, Allama Qazi Niaz and Allama Afzal Hyderi of Wifaqul Madaris offered condolence over demise of Allama Kumaili.

Also, they recognized him a moderate scholar with a different style who had preached Islamic teachings for 50 years.

Furthermore, they noted his services for unity of Muslims.

Most importantly, they recalled that he led the community in early 2000s in the terrorism-hit Karachi.

Then, Allama Kumaili had led Jafaria Alliance.


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