Ex envoy says US pleasing Israel by aggressive policy against Iran

Former Pakistani ambassador Fauzia Nasreen has said that US is pursuing aggressive policies towards Iran just to appease the Zionist regime of Israel and few regional countries.
Fauzia Nasreen who served as Pakistani ambassador to Poland and Nepal said this in an interview.

She believes US unilaterally withdrew from multilateral Iran nuclear deal due to Israel and other countries in the region.

Japan has the capacity to ease tensions between the two states.

However, she also expressed hope that Japan, close partner of both Iran and the US, has the capacity to play a constructive role.

She added that Japan has the capacity to ease tensions between the two states.

The former diplomat further noted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visit to Iran as an important development. She opined one would hope Japan would be able to pave way for their dircect talks.

She feels tensions very dangerous keeping in view the conflicts and difficulties that the Middle East already facing.

Because, Fauzia Nasreen argued, basically this would enhance the differences and divergences and affect the entire region.

However, she also made clear that Pakistan being a neighboring country of Iran doesn’t want to see another conflict emerging in the region.

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