Zolfaghari asks Pakistan for safe recovery of abducted Iranian border guards

Iran’s deputy of Interior Minister for security and law Hossein Zolfaghari has urged Pakistan government and its intelligence agencies must intensify their efforts to safely recover three more abducted Iranian border guards.
He said this during a meeting with Pakistan Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah in Islamabad on Monday. He said Iran is also willing to host Pakistani interior minister in Tehran.

Iranian deputy interior minister that both would make Pakistan-Iran security cooperation working group functional soon.

Iranian official lauded efforts of Pakistani security agencies regarding the recovery of abducted border guards. He expressed hope that they would also recover three more abducted guards safely.
Pakistan Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah assured him that Pakistan would not hesitate to take any action in this regard.
During the meeting, both sides agreed on enhancing mutual cooperation on border related matters, drugs and human trafficking and economic issues.
Hossein Zolfaghari noted Iran kept one Reemdan and Pishin border points. He said Iran wishes Pakistan also open these points.
He said it would further enhance bilateral trade between the two states.

Hossein Zolfaghari Iran Pakistan


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