Social media blogger stabbed to death for illicit relation with sister of killer

Married ASWJ social media activist not killed for ideology but for illicit love affairs with another girl

Social media blogger stabbed to death for illicit love affair with sister of the killer and not due to his sectarian hatemongering ideology or anti-state posts!

Most importantly, Islamabad police have arrested one of the killers who has disclosed facts as to why he had to kill him.

Due to that reason, ASWJ supporter and Saudi-funded hatemongering Wesal TV content manager had to lose his life.

An Urdu language daily reported that Usman had spoken to him by phone. Then, Bilal reportedly left house for meeting Usman.
Usman stabbed him to death because he and his family had forbidden Bilal Khan to stay away from sister.

Despite that, Bilal continued affair with Miss BS, sister of Usman. Because of that, the latter reportedly had to take extreme step and eliminate him.

Interestingly, on the one hand, Bilal appeared a sectarian hatemongering and anti-state blogger due to his some social media posts.
But, on the other, he believed in illicit relations which Islam forbids obligatorily.

His critics also pointed to his social media posts in which he took pride in tyrants of Umayyad dynastic despotism, including Yazid.

Since his love for Umayyad despots came to surface, Muslims in Pakistan understood he followed Umayyad teachings. And for that reason, he continued illicit love affair.

Importantly, hatemongering terror outfit ASWJ and Saudi-funded Wesal TV lost a morally bankrupt comrade.

Now, people ask the state security apparatus to investigate whether sectarian hatemongering activists lost lives due to moral bankruptcy.

social media blogger bilal khan


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