Pakistan respect Iran for being courageous nation with rich history, culture: Senator

The head of Pakistan-Iran parliamentary friendship group in Senate Lt-Gen Abdul Qayyum (retd) has said Pakistan respect Iran for being courageous nation with rich history and culture.
He said Pakistan respect Iran not only because a neighbor or Muslim country, but also for history and culture of that courageous nation.

In an interview, he said, Pakistan take pride to be their neighbour.

Senator Lieutenant General (retd) Abdul Qayyum hailed recent visit of Iranian Parliamentarians to Pakistan very fruitful and very productive.

“I chair Pak-Iran parliamentary friendship group and we have had nice interaction with them,” he said.

The parliamentarian said that Iran and Pakistan can move forward together and promote peace. “We should have Muslim unity,” he said, calling for removing misunderstandings between Iran and Saudi Arabia. He said Pakistan enjoys very good position to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, he also criticized US policies.

Most importantly, veteran senator cited that US history full of strategic blunders. He emphasized that the US must realize that it cannot blackmail other countries for its own strategic interests.

Furthermore, he noted that the US military went to Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan but all of their actions proved strategic blunders. He said that the US created more tensions and brought more miseries in the in the world.

Due to that, he suggested, if Americans want peace in the world they have to do international justice.

The retired army general further asked US must not use international monetary institutions to pressurize other states and strangulate them economically.

He opposed US cut off of SWIFT link of the Iranian banking system in total disregard of Iranian national sovereignty and the Charter of the United Nations, creating obstacles to open up Letters of Credit to order goods from abroad.

He said Iran and Pakistan have to move together and overcome their difficulties.

The Senator said Pakistan need more connectivity by connecting Chabahar with Gwadar, a fairy line, railway line and better road connections with Iran.

Most importantly, he also stressed upon more crossing points. He called for completion of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline to cater Pakistan’s growing energy demands.

Qayoom said Pakistan can also import more electricity from Iran and for this we need to have more transmission lines.

He said Pakistan-Iran can make the transactions in local currency or go for barter to surmount international sanctions

Unfortunately, he lamented, today’s world lack law and the United Nations too not very effective at all. The powers who do not want us to prosper are guiding us.

Furthermore, he noted that Iranians are not making nuclear weapons; they have said it and signed it.

But, since Zionist regime considers them threat due to their support for the rights of Palestinians, hence come Iran’s n-issue.

Notably, he said that Pakistanis feel that Zionist regime as an aggressor.


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