Quranic Way of Life workshops held for students in Lahore

Quranic Way of Life workshops held under the aegis of Idara Al-Tanzeel for students in Lahore.

Most importantly, hundreds of males and female students from Lahore and outskirts participated in the workshop.

There, Allama Sajjad Hussain Naqvi, Ali Abbas Naqvi and other scholars spoke on the topic.
Finally, the host organized test and gave away prizes to successful participants at Quran way of life Tiflan-e-Muslim training workshops.

Furthermore, noted scholar Saqib Akbar Naqvi of Al Baseerah, Mufti Amjad Abbas and others also attended concluding ceremony.

They hailed lectures on code of ethics and how Quran makes human being practical in temporal life under its law and principles.


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