Prime Minister Imran Khan US visit not confirmed: State Department

Spokesperson of United States Department of State said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to US has not yet been confirmed.
“To my knowledge, that has actually not been confirmed by the White House,”said Morgan Ortagus, the Department Spokesperson at a press briefing.

She said this, answering a question regarding Imran Khan’s US visit later this month. The journalist asked “what are the meetings scheduled here? Anything that you can give us on that?”

“I know that I have read the same reports that you have, but I would reach out to the White House to confirm or not confirm that visit, but that’s – we don’t have anything to announce here from the State Department.”

Most importantly, Pakistan government has launched publicising that US visit as a confirmed visit.

Furthermore, ruling PTI leaders have begun portraying Imran Khan’s coming meeting with President Trump as a confirmed news.

imran khan us visit


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