Custodian of Ajmer Sharif shrine meets Allama Shahenshah Naqvi

Syed Sarwar Moosavi Kazmi, the custodian of shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz called on Allama Syed Shahenshah Naqvi at Babul Ilm Imam Bargah in Karachi.

Factually, people of subcontinent revere Syed Moinuddin Moosavi Kazmi as Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Chishti or Khwaja of Ajmer Sharif.

Most importantly, devotees from Pakistan also go to pilgrimage of that shrine in Indian city Ajmer Sharif.

Since Allama Shahenshah Naqvi working hard for unity of Muslims and against sectarian hatred, hence I meet him.

During Pakistan visit, custodian of the shrine said he had planned to meet renowned scholar Allama Syed Shahenshah Naqvi and Tariq Jameel.

Furthermore, he lauded efforts of said two scholars for unity of Muslims and against sectarian hatred.

Sarwar Chisthi Shahenshah Naqvi


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