Israel responsible for all conflicts in region: Hamas

Hamas’s leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar on Monday thanked Iran for supporting the movement, and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has supported the Palestinians people, while some Arab States have abandoned Palestine and some other countries have made a precondition of resolving the Palestinian conflict with Americans and Westerners.

According to the ISW News Analysis Group, Sinwar appreciated the support of the Palestinian people from their principles and aspirations and noted: “The world should know that 70,000 young people are trained in al-Qassam and al-Quds battalions and other resistance groups in the Gaza Strip.”

Saying that the Zionists are running the US government, Sinwar expressed: “In a 2017 Riyadh conference, the US President Donald Trump declared without any Arab opposition that Beit-ul-Moqaddas is the capital of the Zionist regime.”

He pointed to the normalization of some Arab states’ relations with Israel and added, “Now is the time to end the split among the Palestinians and start a dialogue between the Palestinian groups to end this split.”


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