Israeli military aircraft crash-lands in West Bank; no casualties reported

An Israeli military aircraft has crash-landed near a settlement in the occupied West Bank, with no casualties reported.

The incident occurred near the settlement of Ma’ale Amos in the southern West Bank on Wednesday, the Times of Israel reported, adding that the helicopter, a Yasur heavy transport model, made an emergency landing due to a minor technical malfunction.

The Israeli military said the incident is being investigated. “Technical crews are addressing the malfunction at the scene,” the military said.

The Jerusalem Post said that 11 soldiers were aboard the helicopter, adding that no injuries were reported.

The pilots carried out the emergency landing within a minute of the fire breaking out, it added.

According to the West Bank division of the Fire and Rescue Services, three teams of firefighters were sent to the scene.

The Israeli air force’s fleet of Yasur helicopters was cleared to return to operational duty two weeks ago after they were grounded when one of them crash landed in southern Israel late last year.

The Israeli air force grounded its ageing Yasur helicopters in November after one of them was destroyed following a technical malfunction in its engine.

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