Mahmoud Abbas says Israel responsible for safety of Palestinian prisoners

Mahmoud Abbas said in a televised speech today addressing the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis that Israel, the occupying power, is responsible for the safety of the Palestinian political detainees in its prisons.
In his speech, aired by official Palestine TV, Mahmoud Abbas called on the Israeli occupation authorities to release the Palestinian prisoners and held Israeli regime responsible for their health as thousands of cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Israel.

Meanwhile, Abbas said he had ordered the extension of the state of emergency in Palestine by 30 more days to save public health and achieve security and stability in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We are seeking to clamp down on the fatal coronavirus pandemic, and we count on the awareness and commitment of our people to the specific instructions of the government,” the Abbas said.

He called on the Palestinian population of occupied East Jerusalem to ensure their safety and said the leadership will always remain on their side by all possible means.

Abbas also called upon the Palestinians in the diaspora to abide by the health instructions of the competent health authorities in their host countries.

He addressed the Palestinian people at home and abroad, “Our people everywhere, I am fully aware of the difficulties and burdens that we are facing, but preserving your lives and the lives of your children and your families requires the responsibility and sacrifice of everyone. This is our most important goal.”


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