Palestinians in Gaza hold funeral rally for former Islamic Jihad leader

Palestinians in the Gaza strip held a huge rally following the funeral of the Islamic Jihad leader, Ramadan Shalah, who passed away on Saturday evening after a long battle with illness at the age of 62.

Ramadan Shalah who led Islamic Jihad had been in a coma after heart surgery believed to have been in Lebanon.

Shalah, who was born in Gaza, had led Palestinian Islamic Jihad from 1995 until 2018 after the assassination of his predecessor, Fathi Al Sakaki.

Shalah was also on the most wanted list of the Zionist regime and the US with a reward offered for information leading to his arrest or conviction.

The journey of Ramadan Shalah came to an end, with many sources attributing his deteriorating health to natural causes, whilst the PA embassy in Beirut believed there is a possibility he might have been poisoned.

Palestinians and many Arabs believe he was only a freedom fighter who defended his land and consider his death a great loss for the Palestinian people.

A status of sadness prevailed in Gaza following the death of the resistance leader Ramadan Shalah.

People here say the leader’s death doesn’t mean the end of resistance as long as there is a coming generation that will follow his steps of resistance until Palestine is free.

-Palestinians in Gaza


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