Israel Has Crossed All Redlines, Hamas Official Says

Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Tehran slammed the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people, and said the Tel Aviv regime has violated all redlines in its behavior toward Palestinians.

“Today, Israel has crossed all redlines, taken many lives, destroyed farms, and committed anything that has been forbidden in the international law and broken even the unjust treaties that the regime had signed,” Khalid al-Qoddoumi told the Tasnim News.

He also censured the stances adopted by certain Arab countries in the region and their silence over Israel’s crimes and acts of aggression.

However, he said, some countries like Jordan, which has recalled its ambassador to Israel, have taken positive steps but they were not sufficient.

Jordan recently recalled its ambassador, saying that the Tel Aviv regime has violated the 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel by detaining Jordanian employees responsible for administering and maintaining the holy sites in Jerusalem.
“To attain all that is required, more steps should be taken, such as the reopening of the border crossings, the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and many other works” he added.


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