Israeli police arrested anti-Netanyahu protesters as demonstration continue

Israeli police on Tuesday night arrested dozens who participated in protests against Benjamin Netanyahu in another night of demonstration in the Jerusalem al-Quds.

Thousands of demonstrators rallied around the prime minister’s official residence in the center of the city while blocking main routes.

The demonstrators had a mixture of messages, including charges that Netanyahu was harming Israel’s democracy, that he was on trial for criminal charges and therefore should step down, that he had failed in his leadership during the Coronavirus crisis, and that he should cease with his plan to declare sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

The protest lasted for several hours and after a large part of the protesters left the demonstration, dozens remained and began to disrupt the order while ignoring the repeated calls by the police to disperse independently.

Demonstrators also rallied near Netanyahu’s home in Caesarea and at several intersections throughout the country.

In another location in Tel Aviv, right-wing demonstrators held a rally near the home of Supreme Court President Esther Hayut.


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