Palestinians strike over Israel checkpoint treatment

Thousands of Palestinian workers in Israel have gone on strike in protest against what they call humiliating treatment at a checkpoint in the West Bank.

Some 5,500 Palestinian workers, who cross the checkpoint in the city of Tulkarm twice on a daily basis to reach their workplace, went on strike on Sunday.

According to the striking workers, the situation at the checkpoint has become worse, with Israeli security guards now humiliating them.

The Palestinian workers say they have to wait long hours at the checkpoint every day, regardless of weather conditions.

Palestinians working in the Israeli construction sector also complain that in order to be at work by 6 am, they must be at the checkpoint four hours earlier.

Tel Aviv argues that it has been renovating the Tulkarm facility in the past few months, forcing people to wait for long hours.

According to figures released back in June, some 10,000 Palestinian workers cross through the checkpoint every day.

Reports indicate that inspection procedures at the checkpoint usually take very long, often overcrowding the crossing.

Earlier this year, a Palestinian worker died after being crushed as a result of extreme overcrowding in Tulkarm’s Taybeh or Efraim checkpoint in northern West Bank.

There are about 100 permanent Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank.


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