Egyptian Court’s Anti-Hamas Ruling in Favor of Israeli Enemy

Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri on Sunday decried an Egyptian court’s decision to list the Palestinian resistance group as a terrorist organization, describing the move as a free service in favor of the Israeli enemy.

“Such media and judiciary offensive by Egypt against the Hamas movement, which has stood against the Quds occupying regime (Israel) on behalf of the Islamic Ummah (community), is in fact alignment with the Zionist enemy,” Masri told the Tasnim News Agency on Sunday.

His comments came after the Cairo Court of Urgent Matters listed Hamas as a terrorist organization on Saturday.

“The Egyptian court’s measure is indeed a coup against the Islamic and Arabic history and values,” the spokesman added.

If the verdict turns into an official political decision, Egypt will use it as an excuse to shirk responsibility to pursue the Palestinian cases, particularly the issues of ceasefire and exchange of prisoners between the Gaza Strip and Israel, he noted.

Masri further denounced the court ruling as an attempt by Egypt to cover up its internal problems.

Asked about the speculation that the Egyptian court’s decision was a tactic to prepare the ground for Cairo’s military action in Gaza under the pretext of counter-terrorism, the spokesman said, “We caution against any military insanity in the Gaza Strip and believe that the Gaza Strip’s alignment is quite clear and it is resisting to the Zionist regime (of Israel).”

Following the court’s announcement on Saturday, the Palestinian resistance group released a statement, describing the court’s decision as “shocking and dangerous.”


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