Terrorist Israel calls up 3,000 reserve soldiers for West Bank drill

The Israeli military has called up 3,000 reserve soldiers as part of a wide-scale drill simulating protests by Palestinians and their clashes with Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank.

As part of the drill, which started on Sunday, another 10,000 soldiers were informed to be on alert, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

The report said that the army’s Central Command has been preparing for a possible conflict in the West Bank as soon as late March 2015.

An unnamed senior commander, meanwhile, said the exercise is “unusual in its scope… and taking part in it are all of the Central Command’s operational forces.”

The Israeli officer added that air and intelligence units have been also included in the drill that also involves “large-scale cooperation with the Shin Bet security service.”

Israeli media reported that the exercise would last for at least two days.

Tensions have been on the rise between the Israeli regime and Palestinians since the collapse of US-brokered so-called peace talks last April, with speculations rife about the possibility of a third intifada (uprising) on Palestinian lands.


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