Israel pushes for ‘annexation’ of West Bank

Israel is pushing for a plan to apply its own law in the illegal settlements in the West Bank in a move condemned by critics as “creeping annexation” of the occupied Palestinian lands.

Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli minister of judiciary affairs, said she is working on a plan with the attorney general to implement Israeli law in the occupied West Bank.

A committee to work on the plan would be set up to decide if Israeli law could immediately be applied to the settlements through orders by the military commander of the region.

The military advocate general urged the attorney general in the previous Knesset to develop clear regulations for cases when Israeli law should be implemented in the occupied West Bank via the military commander’s order.

“We took the military advocate general’s letter, and it should be implemented,” the minister said. “There will be a team that takes the laws and examines each on a case-by-case basis.”

“There should be an equalizing of conditions. Basic Laws do not apply” in the West Bank,” Shaked said at a conference on Sunday


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