Hamas won’t sit quietly after Israeli murder of Fuqaha: Meshaal

Having lost a top member to what it denounces as another targeted killing by Israel, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas vows it will not “sit quietly” in the face of the “new challenge” thrown down by the regime.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal was reacting to the assassination of the Gaza-based movement’s senior commander Mazen Fuqaha in a speech broadcast from Qatar on Monday.

“By killing Fuqaha, the enemy told us: ‘I’ve scored a point against you and I can take away one of your heroes even in the heart of Gaza’,” Meshaal said.

“The military and political leadership of Hamas is ready to meet the occupier’s challenge… The Zionist occupier took from us a great hero and for this we will not sit quietly,” he added.

Fuqaha, who used to direct some of the Palestinian resistance movement’s activities in the Israel-occupied West Bank, was shot dead by assailants at the entrance of his home in Gaza City on Friday night with four bullets to the head.

In a statement issued following the murder, Hamas blamed Israel and its “collaborators” for the “despicable crime.”


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