London students protest Israeli envoy’s planned speech

A planned speech by Israel’s ambassador to Britain at a university in London has been met with protests by anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian students on the campus.

Mark Regev, the Israeli envoy, who is a former aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was on Thursday invited to deliver a lecture at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) a day later.

Hundreds of students thronged at the venue to protest, with many carrying the Palestinian flag and the banner reading “Apartheid off campus.”

They expressed their opposition to the decision by the SOAS’s management to allow the Israeli diplomat in the school.

“We are out here today to show Mark Regev and the management at SOAS that students and staff will not tolerate apartheid, and that we stand in solidarity with Palestinians, who have had their lives ruined by occupation,” said a SOAS student and organizer of the protest.

“I just wanted to protest against Raghev being invited to speak at SOAS. He doesn’t stand for the values that the SOAS believes in and he is someone who supports the Israeli regime, which has consistently denied basic human rights to Palestinians,” another demonstrator said.


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