Zionist Entity to Release Parliament Speaker Aziz Dweik

Azizi dweikThe Zionist entity is to free the Palestinian parliament speaker Aziz Dweik on Thursday.

The lawyer of the Speaker, Fadi Qawasmi said the Israeli enemy had agreed to his request that Dweik’s six-month administrative detention order not be renewed.
“That means that Dweik will be released on Thursday,” he said.

A spokeswoman for the “Israel Prison Services” said she was checking the report.

Dweik was detained at an Israeli army checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem on January 19. A military court then handed him a six-month administrative detention order, allowing for him to be held without charge

The army said it had detained him because he was “suspected of being involved in the activities of a terrorist group,” although he was never charged

He was briefly detained in May 2011 at another West Bank checkpoint along with three other parliamentarians of Hamas movement but was eventually released.


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