Anonymous assault no cyber-terrorism: Ex-British spy

webA former British spy says the west is trying to limit freedom of expression under the pretext of crackdown on internet criminals and protection of copyright law stressing Anonymous hackers are no terrorists.

Annie Machon said the recent cyber attacks on Israeli regime’s websites by hacker group anonymous is an act of protest while the US and Israeli attacks on computer systems at Iranian nuclear facilities was an act of “cyber-terrorism” and sabotage.

“What we’re seeing here is a sort of automated mass influx into certain websites that cause them to crash. So there are not trying to steal anyone’s information, they are not trying to get banking details or anything like that. What they are trying to do is to make the websites of certain governments or big organizations to crash. So people know there is an issue here that needs to be addressed,” she told RT.

Websites including those owned by the Bank of Israel, Tax Authority, and the Central Bureau of Statistics came under cyber-attacks last week in a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Users faced the message “error: Israel does not exist” when they tried log in to some of the 13,000 of the Israeli regime’s websites, which Anonymous targeted.

Machon, who had to escape Britain for blowing the whistle on criminality within the British intelligence agencies in 1997 and has been on the run ever since, added that the Anonymous move, dubbed “Op-Israel”, is not an attack in the sense that it is only aimed at getting anti-Israeli publicity.

“The difference between this and real hacking, real cyber-attack can be seen … what happened when the US and the Israel governments committed an act of cyber-terrorism when they attacked Iranian nuclear production facilities when they released the Stuxnet virus,” she said.

Machon added the anti-Iranian attack was the first time western governments “colluded” to target the infrastructure of a sovereign country on the internet despite the fact that all US intelligence agencies were in consensus that “Iran was not trying to develop a nuclear weapons capability”.

The former spy also said that the success of Anonymous to get its messages across and to make headlines around the world will “absolutely” lead to greater western crackdown on the internet “usually in the name of trying to protect copy right or piracy on the internet”.


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