CIA Head in “Israel” to Discuss Syria, Yaalon

cia 1John Brennan, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, arrived in the Zionist entity late on Thursday on a surprise visit to discuss the situation in Syria, an official “Israeli” source said.

The CIA chief went straight into a meeting in Tel Aviv with War Minister Moshe Yaalon, the official said.

“Israeli” Channel 10 said that Yaalon reaffirmed during the talks that Israel “will not permit the transfer of weapons” from Syria to Hizbullah in Lebanon.

Brennan’s trip comes two days after “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin warned against any moves that would further destabilize the situation in Syria.
“In this crucial period it is especially important to avoid any moves that can shake the situation,” Putin was quoted as saying by news agencies, days after “Israeli” forces launched air strikes against regime targets in Syria.

Netanyahu had been expected to warn Putin against delivering advanced S-300 missiles to Syria, which would severely complicate any future air attacks.


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