Mossad recruiting Algerians to fight in Syria

Mossad recruiting Algerians to fight in SyriaIsrael’s spy agency, Mossad, has involved in recruiting Algerian young men to fight against Syrian government.
These young men are recruited to be part of foreign backed militant groups in Syria to get involved in operations aimed at killing civilians and increasing insecurity in the country, Algerian daily al-Fajr reported.

The report said that the extremist (Salafi) groups in Algeria are in direct contact with their followers in Tunisia and also receive several financial and military aid from Qatari regime.

In relevant remarks earlier this week, a senior Austrian officer disclosed the logistic, military and medical assistance of Israel to the terrorist groups fighting in Syria.

“Israel crosses the border with Syria very often and interferes in Syria’s border villages at an unimaginable rate and these interferences include assistance and aid (to the rebel and terrorist groups) in various logistic, military and medical grounds,” the Austrian officer, who asked to remain anonymous, said in an interview with the Palestinian weekly al-Manar on Monday.
He also said that Israel and the terrorist groups have joint operation rooms in the bordering areas between Syria and the occupied Palestinian territories to coordinate their activities and facilitate assistance to the terrorist groups.

The officer who had been deployed in the Golan Heights within the framework of multi-national forces in recent months said that Israel also hosts and treats the wounded members of the militant groups in field hospitals and clinical centers near the bordering areas, specially Zaif hospital in Safad city.

Also security sources in Qatari government disclosed earlier on Sunday that the Zionist regime has sent its Coordinator on Syrian Affairs Afif Shavit to a meeting with Qatari officials in London late in May to discuss supply of more arms to the militant groups fighting the Syrian government.

“The 4-hour meeting was held in a house in Braum House in London belonging to Khalid a-Abeed, a Qatari citizen residing in Britain, on May 20,” the source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information and for fear of his life, added.

“During the meeting, It was decided that Israel prepare and supply the weapons needed by the terrorists in Syria and enter negotiations with European arms manufacturing companies on arms purchases and money transfer methods, and the Qatari side cover the funds and needed budget for purchases,” added the source.

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