New advanced US arms on the way for Israel

us armsThe United States is planning to provide another package of advanced weapons to Israel as tensions have raised higher in the region due to Washington’s recent decision to arm insurgents in Syria.

The US State Department said the discussions between the United States and Israel about the arms deal are ongoing, USA Today reported.

New arms shipments to Israel come after US’s controversial decision to also arm insurgents who have been conducting a massive bloodshed for more than two years in Syria.

Air-refueling aircraft, advanced radars for F-15 fighter jets and up to eight V-22 Ospreys are among the new weapons to be sent to the Israeli regime which has already carried out at least three airstrikes on Syrian soil this year.

Landing like a helicopter, Ospreys can carry two dozen special operations forces over long distances at aircraft speeds.

The deal would be part of a military package for Tel Aviv that includes one billion dollars for up to eight V-22 tilt-rotors; $500 million to retrofit radars into F-15 fighters and another one billion dollars for a variety of air-to-ground weapons.

A Defense Department press release said the package includes Boeing’s KC-135 “Stratotanker” that can refuel Ospreys and other aircraft while airborne and extend the tilt-rotor aircraft’s 426-mile range almost indefinitely.

It also includes anti-radiation missiles that are used to target air defense systems, and advanced radars for Israel’s fleet of F-15 fighter jets.

Israel has been and continues to be allowed to use approximately 25 percent of the US military aid to purchase equipment from manufacturers.

According to CRS, “no other recipient of US military assistance has been granted this benefit.”

Washington is increasing efforts to arm Middle East states and start a weapons race in the strategically important part of the world.

The administration of US President Barack Obama has shored up Persian Gulf littoral states — Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait — with major arms deals in recent years.

The arms deals include a record multi-billion plan to sell Saudi Arabia advanced F-15 aircraft, some 2,000-lb JDAMs and other powerful munitions. The US also approved the sale of a multi-billion terminal missile program to the United Arab Emirates.


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