Disillusioned Bibi Tries Hardly to Block Iran Deal

Netanyahu 1Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuZionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that his entity of occupation would do all it could to keep world powers from striking a “bad and dangerous” deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

Disillusioned by EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton’s remarks on Sunday describing the Geneva talks with Iran as ‘constructive’, Netanyahu said he had spoken with leaders of the United States, Russia, France, Germany and Britain and told them the proposed deal was “bad and dangerous.”
According to Netanyahu, the agreement being advanced would lift sanctions on Iranians while still enabling them to enrich uranium and advance work on a plutonium reactor.
“I asked them what was the rush? I suggested they wait,” he said in remarks relayed by his office. “I hope they reach a good agreement, and we will do all we can to convince world powers to avoid a bad deal.”
Also on Sunday, Iranian President Sheikh Hasan Rouhani stressed that nuclear rights and uranium enrichment represent a ‘red line’ that shouldn’t be crossed.
However, diplomats also said significant progress had been made in the marathon negotiations and that talks would resume in the Swiss city on November 20.
The U.S. Washington Post revealed that France is hindering any deal with Iran at the behest of the Saudi Arabia, the main supporter of the Syrian military opposition groups.
Fearing of the potential power of the Islamic Republic, the Zionist entity, the Middle East’s sole if undeclared nuclear power, insists Iran must be prevented from reaching a military nuclear capability at any cost.


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