Gazan infant dies after being denied treatment by Ramallah

A two-month-old infant from Gaza City breathed his last on Tuesday evening after the department of treatment abroad at the Ramallah-based health ministry refused to cover his medical expenses.

The child, Hamza Tuman, had been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called “Wolman,” which is caused by a deficiency of an enzyme known as lysosomal acid lipase.

The health authorities in Gaza were waiting for a response from minister of health Jawwad Awwad after a medical file on the case of the child was submitted to his office, but to no avail.

In the wake of Hamza’s death, his father, Abdullah, stated that his child joined two of his brothers who had the same disease, pointing out that his health condition worsened after not receiving the needed medical care in Israeli hospitals because the department of treatment abroad in Ramallah refused to cover the cost of his treatment.


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