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Israeli troops use journalists as human shields

israil journalistA Palestinian journalist says Israeli troops have used him and his two colleagues as human shields during a demonstration in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, Press TV reports.

Palestinian journalist Moussa al-Shaer said Israeli soldiers held them for hours to protect themselves during clashes following their invasion of the Aida refugee camp on Saturday.

Shaer said Israeli forces also took their press cards and prevented them from covering the clashes that broke out during the pro-Palestinian protest in the city.

The incident is the latest in Israeli aggressions against Palestinian journalists, which have been on the rise in the past months.

Palestinian journalist Naser al-Shuyukhi, who has been frequently attacked by Israeli troops, said the rising violence against journalists is aimed at preventing the coverage of the facts on the ground in the occupied Palestinian territories.

They are well aware that the way to keep a media blackout on the ongoing developments in the occupied territories is preventing journalists from doing their job, he noted.

According to the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, the Israeli aggressions against pro-Palestinian journalists have increased since 2013.

    “There has been a large number of attacks against Palestinian journalists, who are often the main targets of the Israeli army,” said Fares Sarafundi of the syndicate.

“This is clear against international law and prevents journalists from doing their job and portraying the true story and events,” he added.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms has also warned against Israeli attacks against female Palestinian journalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


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