If Netanyahu’s leadership is in jeopardy, possibility of war becomes very high

Israel will go to war in Syria if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s future leadership is in jeopardy, journalist Elijah Magnier recently said in a news article.

According to Magnier, Netanyahu and his allies are preparing their missiles for an attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

“It all depends on the direction the Israeli elections will take. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu estimates his chances are high enough to win a second term, then he will not venture any time soon into a new confrontation with Syria and its allies. The date of the next battle will be postponed,” Magnier said.

“But if he believes he will lose the election, then the possibility of his initiating a battle becomes very high,” he continued.

“A serious battle between Israel on one hand and Syria and Iran on the other would be sufficient enough to postpone the elections. Netanyahu doesn’t have many choices: either he wins the election and postpones the corruption court case against him, or he goes to jail,” he added.

The Israeli elections are scheduled to take place this April amid Netanyahu’s ongoing fight against corruption charges.


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