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Saudi Arabia Admits, Two Saudi Pilots’ Killed in the Apache’s Downing in Aseer

Saudi Arabia admitted Saturday night that two Saudi pilots were killed after what it described as the fall of their Apache helicopter in Yemen. “My son, Captain Abdulmajid Al-Omari, was martyred in defense of religion, homeland and sanctuaries and in fulfillment of the call of duty,” said Mohammed Al-Omari, the father of the pilot Abdulmajeed al-Omari.

Earlier in the day, the Military Media published scenes showing the moment of targeting an Apache plane with a suitable surface-to-air missile with a new undisclosed technology, resulting in burning the plane, downing it in a mountain in Aseer and killing its crew.

The Armed Forces spokesman stated that Yemeni Air Defenses will confront all the attempts of hostility on Yemeni airspace until we reach its fully protection.

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