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Saudi Arabia Arrests Man in eastern Al-Qatif region

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday arrested a man it said had opened fire on a security patrol in the eastern Al-Qatif region.

Local media and a resident reported gunfire Tuesday morning in several Qatif districts and security vehicles closing some roads. It was unclear if there were any casualties.

The town of Awamiyah is located in the Qatif Governorate, and it is the birthplace of the Shiite cleric “Nimr Al-Nimr,” who was executed by the Al Saud authorities in January 2016 after being convicted of “terrorism.”

State TV identified the man as Mohammed Hussein Al Ammar and said he had been wanted since 2016 for attacks on security forces and robbing vehicles transporting cash. Al Ekhbariya described him as “the most dangerous wanted terrorist” on one of its lists.

But opponents of the Saudi regime, from the Shiite minority, say that the Saudi Arabia usually attributes Shi’a activists a number of unrealistic crimes, and accuse the regime of targeting them.


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