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Riyadh Allows Israeli Journalist to Get into Saudi Arabia, Conduct Report

An Israeli journalist has conducted a report in Saudi Arabia, in the first time that such step be allowed in the Arab Kingdom.

Israeli i24NEWS’ Henrique Cymerman was among several tourists and journalists who were permitted to enter Saudi Arabia from 50 different countries, including the Zionist entity.

“It’s an important moment,” Cymerman said from Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah, noting that Riyadh has changed its policy in the recent months.

“For the first time, Saudi Arabia is receiving hundreds of thousands of tourists.”

Cymerman said that he had meetings with “high-ranking people” and a new invitation, in a month and a half, to return to travel to Saudi Arabia to continue contacts.

“There are some attempts to open other doors and start other links,” he said, referring to Saudi Arabia.

“They are trying to diversify the economy here,” Cymerman said, expanding that the Saudis do not wish to continue to rely on oil and open other fields for economic growth opportunities.

-Israeli Journalist


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