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Saudi Arabia Suspected of Phone Spying Campaign in US: Guardian

The Guardian reported that Saudi Arabia is suspected of phone spying campaign in US. “Saudi Arabia appears to be exploiting vulnerabilities and loopholes in global mobile networks to track its citizens while traveling abroad and in the United States, according to a source revealed to the Guardian millions of alleged secret requests to track the locations of people,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie added that the information revealed to us by the source, who wants to expose the fragility of the text messaging system in global networks, which is called the SS7 system, explains a systematic campaign by Saudi Arabia to spy, according to experts.

“The source said that they are no longer able to understand this large number of tracking requests from Saudi Arabia and cannot find a legal explanation for them, and therefore there is no other explanation. There is no technical reason to do so, which means that Saudi Arabia uses mobile phone technology as a weapon”, She said.

According to the Guardian, “Specialized experts in the field of mobile technology have seen the information provided by the source and confirmed their belief that it indicates the existence of a spying campaign organized by Saudi Arabia.”

One Middle East expert, Andrew Miller, a former member of Barack Obama’s national security council, said surveillance was part of the kingdom’s modus operandi. “I think they are surveilling not only those they know are dissidents, but those they fear may deviate from the Saudi leadership,” Miller said. “They are particularly worried about what Saudi nationals will do when they are in western countries”, the Guardian Added.

Stephanie said that the data appears to suggest the Saudi mobile phones were being tracked as they travelled through the US as often as two to 13 times per hour. Expert said that frequency suggests users could probably have been tracked on a map to within hundreds of metres of accuracy in a city.

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