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Middle East Monitor: Wealthy Saudis Have Bought Other Nationalities to Escape Bin Salman’s Brutality

The British Middle East Monitor website said, Tuesday, that a large number of wealthy Saudi citizens are securing plans to escape by buying foreign passports for fear of the increasing political repression since the arrival of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to power.

The website stated that this trend was prevalent among Arab family members and regime officials during the Arab spring, when it was feared that social discontent would lead to shifts in power and freeze assets, and the wealthy Saudis became open to options if things got worse.

The report pointed out that the biggest fear of these rich people is the fickle crown prince, one of the most important causes of chaos and instability in the Middle East. This chaos is advancing its war on Yemen, the imposition of a blockade on Qatar, and the pursuit of a policy of repression against opponents and human rights activists.

Although critics and opponents are the crown prince’s main target, wealthy Saudis fear being blackmailed, as did 381 prominent businessmen, members of the royal family, and officials in the 2017 campaign already led by bin Salman.

The website quoted what Canadian lawyer David Lessberance saying, that he advised dozens of wealthy Gulf families since the early 1990s and others who escaped from the prison of the “Ritz-Carlton”, who wanted to obtain a second citizenship.

Gulf analysts have indicated that there are growing concerns that the oil-rich country will confiscate the assets of people seen as traitors to it, who seek to purchase foreign passports as a strategic way to flee safely.

The report continued:” Some wealthy Saudis did not wait to find out which direction the kingdom was heading under the rule of Mohammed bin Salman, and began to transfer their assets outside the region after the Ritz-Carlton arrests three years ago”.

According to the website, the Saudi authorities again launched crackdowns against princes and businessmen in 2019, and the published documents showed that the authorities froze their assets.


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