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Israel: Saudi to normalise relations after US elections

Chief of Israeli Mossad Yossi Cohen has revealed that Saudi Arabia will normalise ties with Israel after the US elections, the Times of Israel reported yesterday.

According to the online newspaper, Cohen told Israeli’s Channel 12 TV, Saudi will capitalise fully on such a decision with whoever is the next president, pointing out normalisation would be cushioned by a significant arms deal with Washington.

Channel 12 also reported Israeli officials saying that Oman would soon normalise relations with Israel, expecting this could even happen before the US elections on 3 November.

However, Israeli government sources told the media that Oman is likely to wait in order to see developments in Washington.

Referring to the normalisations deals recently declared by Arab states, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We brought three peace deals in six weeks. It’s not luck, it’s not coincidence but the result of clear policy, and our efforts.”

Normalisation deals with Israel were widely condemned by the Palestinian leadership and factions who slammed them as “stabs in the back” of the Palestinians cause and rights.


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