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Saudi Arabia: after 18 years of detention .. life imprisonment sentence against 9 Shia citizens

Activists revealed that the Saudi authorities have finally released this week sentenced to life imprisonment against nine Shia citizens after more than 18 years after the arrest. They were accused of being behind the Khobar bombing in eastern Saudi Arabia in 1996, which led to the deaths of 19 American soldiers.

Hamza son of detainee Abdul Karim Tiger detained said on his account in Twitter, since November 1999 only yesterday, Tuesday, December 16, the Saudi authorities have contacted his family and told them that the verdict against his father to life imprisonment “and asked us to review the detective Center (city) to take the details,” he said. “According to my knowledge that the same call received for  forgotten prisoners’ families (nine detainees).

Hamza stressed that the verdict came sudden, noting that his father did not see the lawyers and was not presented to the court 13 years ago, stressing that his family hopes no better from Saudi government “because of what we’ve seen from them, and no matter how they are planning to do my father will not be worse than it is. “

It is noteworthy that the families of these prisoners denies involvement of their sons bombing incident, accusing the other hand Osama bin Laden.


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