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Saudi government urges youths to participate in the fighting in Syria and Iraq: HR organization

Saudi Human Rights Organization ( AlKast) said, they recorded testimonies of young people took part in a peaceful sit-ins inside Saudi Arabia, “and then was motivated by the pro -government to get out and travel toconflict points (Syria and Iraq).” Organization of( AlKast) which is based in based in London, is not the first to confirm such an order, but was preceded by many human rights activists in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis announced over the past years, the judges offered their release from prison in exchange to go to “Jihad in Syria.”

Several videos posted on YouTube showed ,during the past three years for young men who are in the ranks of armed groups in Syria, and many of them who participated in the protests in Riyadh and Buraidah during the years 2011 and 2012 and were arrested after a limited period of time, before being released and turn to Syria.


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