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Saudi Wahhabis stormed Awwamiya searching Shia citizen

On 5 March 2015, the Saudi forces stormed the town of Awwamiya in Qatif province, using armored vehicles and Yoken military cars.

They targeted Shia citizen ‘Salman Ali Salman Al-Faraj’ 35 years old, father of two sons, from Awwamiya town.

The Saudi forces failed to arrest Al-Faraj. At the end, they wandered around the town neighborhoods, opened fire in the town’s streets caused damage to several houses nearby and cars.


Salman Ali Salman Al-Faraj is a Saudi Shi’a citizen. He is 36 years old. He lives in Awwamiya town. He has two sons; Abdullah, 9 years old, and Mohammad 5 years old.

On January 2, 2012, the Saudi Ministry of Interior issued arrest warrants for 23 innocent people accused of various false offenses in Qatif Province, including opening fire on citizens and security men, resulting in the death and the wounding people, illegal possession of firearms, forcing people to provide them with shelter, forcing people to participate in clashes with security forces, destruction of public and private property, disorderly gatherings, and obstruction of traffic”.

In April 2012, the security authorities detained his father, Ali Salman al-faraj, 72 years as a hostage in order to pressure his son ”Salman”, to hand himself in.

In May 2012, his brother Nader Ali al-Faraj was arrested by the security authorities as pressure his brother (Ali) to surrender himself to the authorities.

In August , the Saudi authorities prevented the his child ”Mohammad” to be cured in the public universities on the pretext that his father was wanted to the authorities.


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