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Saudi Arabia Accuses ISIS of Killing Two Police

Saudi Arabia said Friday it had foiled a bomb plot by the IS terror group and blamed them for shooting dead two policemen in the capital earlier this month.

The authorities said three bomb-laden cars had been seized during investigations into the killings. A Saudi man arrested at a farm north of Riyadh on suspicion of carrying out the shooting has confessed that he was following orders received from I.S. in Syria, the interior ministry said. He was identified as 23-year-old Yazid bin Mohammed Abdulrahman Abu Niyan.

The authorities offered a one-million-riyal bounty for a second suspect, another Saudi identified as Nawaf bin Sharif Samir al-Anzi, wanted over several other criminal cases.

During their investigation the authorities seized seven cars, “three of them booby-trapped,” as well as suspected bomb-making materials and tools, said the statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency. They also discovered machineguns, ammunition, money and several mobile telephones, which revealed an exchange between the attackers and “terrorist elements in Syria,” SPA said.

The two policemen were killed in an April 8 drive-by shooting in an eastern district of Riyadh. The ministry said that Abu Niyan allegedly carried out the shooting while his partner, Anzi, drove the car and filmed the attack.

According to Abu Niyan, I.S. supplied them with the weapons, ammunition and money to carry out the shooting through a “third party whom they did not meet,” the statement said.

The shooting was the fifth attack on security forces and foreigners in Saudi Arabia orchestrated by Saudi-made, funded ISIS.


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