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ISIS calls on Saudi youth to rise up and ethnic cleansing of Shias from the Arabian Peninsula

ISIS forces in Saudi Arabia are calling for the ethnic cleansing of Shias from the Arabian Peninsula.

A report from Rueters quotes a U.S. monitoring body saying on Saturday that the Saudi Arabia arm of ISIS is calling on all Saudi youth to join its lines in order to realize this objective.

The report indicates that in a 13-minute audio file, a spokesperson for the self-proclaimed Islamic State calls on all Saudi people to kill all the enemies of Islam, especially Shias.

The audio message refers to Shias as heretics and says spilling their blood and confiscating their property is an obligation.
In recent weeks, two attacks on Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia left at least 25 people dead.

The Saudi government has said that it will make every effort to punish those who attacked the two mosques.

The audio file states that ISIS forces have provided a trigger but Saudi youth should join those efforts by starting a fire to burn all Shias.


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