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‘UK benefiting from Saudi arms deals’

Reactions are emerging toward a report that the UK is targeting Saudi Arabia for top contracts, notably military ones, in face of human rights violations by Riyadh.

Michael Aydinian, a London-based political analyst, has told Press TV that at the heart of almost every trade negotiation between the UK and Saudi Arabia lies a massive arms deal.

Aydinian added that such deals are the fruits of what he described as efforts by politicians in London and elsewhere to present “engineered conflicts” to the Saudis.

He emphasized that the British politicians specifically have a special benefit over this.

“The politicians receive payoffs from both the manufacturers and the Saudis,” he told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview.

This, Aydinian added, can justify overlooking Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

The Guardian in a report on Sunday revealed that London has designated Saudi Arabia as a “priority market” for British enterprises.

Citing government documents, the report said the British companies are specifically encouraged to bid for military, health, security and justice contracts offered by Saudi Arabia.

“It’s all down to money. As simple as that,” said Aydinian. “This is known as what has justified overlooking Saudi Arabia’s disgraceful record on human rights.”

He further added that the details of UK’s economic ties with Saudi Arabia are often kept from the public.

Nonetheless, he emphasized, the British people never feel the benefits from economic ties with Riyadh.

“What can we be sure though is that the profit margins in the arms industry are enormous,” said Aydinian.

“However, the major shareholders in these companies always need trouble and strife. Therefore, conflicts are engineered. And there always needs to be an enemy,” he added.


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